Progressive Web App Development

Web Application – Web Apps by Bytes Future

Progressive Web App is a revolutionary technology deemed to reduce or eliminate need of Mobile Applications Apple Store (iOS) or Google Store (Android App) in future. Progressive Web Application runs and functions as a native application but user doesn’t need to download the mobile application from the Application Stores. Bytes Future takes pride in introducing and building this revolutionary technology in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE to service our customers in the Middle East, GCC and beyond.

Web Application VS Native Mobile Application by Bytes Future

Why Web Application is better than Native Mobile Applications for iOS and Android:
  • No need to download an application which you seldom use
  • Doesn’t use your phone memory, as most applications take minimum 10-50MB, while web app take few bytes
  • No need to search for an application in Apple Store or Google Store
  • Fast loading
  • Works on any smart phone
  • Progressive Web App is the future of mobile apps development
Is all the functionalities available in Web App provided by Bytes Future as available in Native Mobile Apps:
  • All functionalities are available in web application
  • Push notifications can be sent to the users
  • Ordering features are also available in web application
  • Fast, Easy, Convenient and Reliable
  • Screen friendly display in all devices, including desktop, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Capability to detect phone language and display content on use phone language to have ultimate customer experience.
  • Works well even with the low connectivity
  • User can save an icon for Web Application to their home screen to use as a native app

Web Application VS Native Mobile Application Customer Experience Flow Chart:

Native Mobile App – iOS OR Android
  • Load App Store
  • Search in App Store
  • Download the Application
  • Install the Application
  • Grant Permissions
  • Use the Application
Web Application – Web App
  • Click on the link
  • Use the Application
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