The top most digital transformation trends to move your brand forwardDigital marketing is reshaping the world we live in. It’s not just the blue-collar firms but SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) who are also embarking on the coveted digital transformation journey. As more and more turn towards the digital world, what will the future look like?

While the future may seem unpredictable, marketing trends for brands can paint a pretty accurate picture of what we can expect to see in the near future. As we dive deeper into the digital world, digital marketing trends are paving the way for unbelievable possibilities. Much like the rest of the world, digital marketing trends are also dominating the Arab world. As digital marketing gains traction, countries in the GCC region are creating smart cities through digital transformation. Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia was named the digital capital of the world in 2020. This title was later picked up by Oman in 2021 and currently, Egypt holds this title.

All these developments are a result of digital transformation. Countries within the MENA region are all set to welcome digital transformation with open arms. From KSA to UAE to Oman to Qatar to Bahrain to Kuwait, and even North African countries like Egypt and Morocco are constantly evolving their processes and readjusting them according to digital marketing. This shows the Arab world’s inclination towards digitalization.

If you’re a business owner from an Arab nation, then this article was written just for you. This article sheds light on all the digital marketing trends that will dominate the year 2022 and the years to come.

Before we move on with the digital marketing trends for brands, let’s understand what digital transformation is? Why it’s important? And where can you find the best digital marketing agency in the Arab world?

Starting with the first question, digital transformation can be defined as embracing modern technology through digitized processes and practices. Digital transformation aims to reshape the physical realities by streamlining processes that are too tedious or budget-burning to be carried out manually. The reason digital transformation is so important is that the purpose of technology is to make life easier. Digital transformation makes this possible. Thanks to digital transformation we now have tools that were unfathomable. Digital transformation isn’t just a futuristic approach, it’s the future itself.

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Now that you have a better understanding of the digital world and how digital transformation works, let’s move on with the digital marketing trends that will dominate the year 2022.

Digital marketing trends for brands that are trying to embrace digital transformation

Here’s a compilation of all the digital marketing trends for brands that will help your business fare well in 2022 and the years come:

Create and automate
Ever since AI (artificial intelligence) and MI (machine intelligence) came into being, more and more businesses are going down the automation path. This trend will only grow as the years pass by. In the year 2022, businesses are expected to automate as many processes as possible. The reason for this is simple – Automation saves both time and money. By automating various processes and tasks, businesses can reduce overhead costs, while increasing their revenue exponentially. Both AI and MI are already being used in various private and public sectors and this reliance on AI is only going to grow from here onwards. Automation will replace humans and more than half the tasks carried out manually will experience a dramatic change.

The cloud is upon us
With the advent of cloud computing and cloud storage, an increasing number of businesses are leaning further away from physically managing and storing their client’s data. Businesses are now using multiple cloud architectures for robust working. This is yet another way businesses are reducing their overhead costs. Through cloud architecture, businesses are uncovering faster solutions, promoting flexible resources, and building scalable economies. Cloud architecture is undoubtedly here to stay and become an integral part of digital transformation.

Digital economy and solutions
Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town and is dominating the digital economy. However, it isn’t the only thing flourishing in the digital economy. The pandemic gave rise to contactless solutions and digital payments. Contactless delivery and in-seat ordering are two contactless solutions that became instant hits. Subsequently, digital payments methods allowed customers to avoid unnecessary interactions. Looking at the success of those inventions, businesses are now heavily investing in contactless solutions and digital payment methods. With the expansion of the digital economy, this trend is also expected to rise!

Cybersecurity revamped
With the rise of technological advancements, cybercrimes have also grown tremendously. When businesses first got into the digital transformation race, they forgot to prioritize cybersecurity. This caused many businesses and people to bear significant losses. More than 445 million cyberattacks were reported in 2020 alone. This shows how much cybersecurity needs to be prioritized. With this new wave of digital transformation, this problem is finally getting a solution. Businesses are now investing in solutions that will mitigate the risk of data breaches or fraudulent activities. Businesses are not just focusing on streamlining their processes through AI, they are now focusing on streamlining their processes safely and securely.

Data-driven growth
The biggest game-changer among the digital marketing trends for businesses is the dynamic use of data and analytics. Data is the new gold and brands looking to embrace digital transformation are making full use of this fact. With the help of analytics, businesses are sorting and analyzing data like never before. This has resulted in better decision-making and has improved the productivity of many organizations. In the near future, this data-driven approach will lead to even bigger and more wonderful digital marketing trends for brands.

All of these digital marketing trends for brands make one thing clear – digital transformation is at the heart of innovation and any brand that wants to expand must embark on this journey. Moving forward, digital transformation will become an absolute necessity, so why not get started?
Get in touch with Bytes Future today, so you can embark on a multi-faceted digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is here to stay and digital trends will keep on evolving. It’s time you give digital marketing a shot!