How to make the most out of your SEO strategySEO marketing in Saudi Arabia and Middle East has garnered much fame and recognition. Brands and marketers are now focusing and even building their marketing strategies keeping SEO in mind. However, not all SEO practices are the same. While many do embark on the SEO marketing journey, only a few get actual results. Why? The answer is quite simple: new updates and the ever-changing Google algorithm.

Google, Bing, Baidu & Yahoo are constantly trying to improve their users journey and to do so, it is discarding older and implementing newer updates that it deems helpful. Traditional SEO practices can yield limited or even poor results. Luckily, this article exists and it exists for one purpose only – to help you have an understanding of how SEO works and what should and shouldn’t be done when formulating an SEO strategy.

Here’s an impactful list of do’s and don’ts that will help you go beyond the traditional SEO practices. With this simple and effective list, you can create an SEO strategy that always helps you stand out from the competition. However, if you still can’t figure out how to take on SEO, don’t worry. By the end of this article, you will get to know about the best SEO company in Riyadh KSA that will surely help you reach your marketing goals.

Without wasting any more time, let’s move on to the list of our SEO do’s and don’ts. Let’s first start with things that you should do when making an SEO strategy.

Things you should do when devising an SEO strategy
Here are the things that you should be doing for better reach and traffic:

  1. Keyword placement is just as important as density: You’ve done your keyword research, you’ve added them to your content but you still aren’t getting the results you want? The missing link is the placement. While keyword density is important for better ranking, the placement is the deal-breaker. Google analyzes the content that is being put out and the algorithm doesn’t just look for the number of times you’ve used your keywords, it looks at the placement too. Articles, blogs, and web copies that have the targeted keyword within the first 100 words tend to perform better. This is because the keyword is placed early on in the content, which allows the algorithm to rank your content better.
  2. Improve your dwell time for a swell time: What exactly is dwell time? Dwell time can be defined as the time the user spends on your site. It’s the time the user spends on any particular page of your site. Longer dwell time = better ranking. The science behind this is simple when a user leaves your site the bounce rate increases. A higher bounce rate tells Google that your site isn’t providing useful information to capture a user’s interest and hence, Google down ranks your pages. If you can improve the time a user spends on your site, you can ultimately improve your ranking too.
  3. Break up your content: Nobody wants to read content that is too word-heavy. If you have content on your website that’s just huge paragraphs of hard-to-read content, you can expect your page to perform poorly. For better results, try breaking up your content with striking and complementing visuals. Structure your content in such a way that it’s easy to read and decipher. Try adding bullet lists, infographics, and use shorter paragraphs, so your reader doesn’t get bored and reads what you’ve written.
  4. SEO goes beyond written content: There’s a common misconception that the algorithm only ranks you based on your keywords and content. The reality is quite different. Image SEO is just as important as content SEO, if not more. A recent update from Google clearly states that images that are properly SEO optimized can help pages rank higher. Luckily, optimizing your site images for SEO is easy. For this, you only need to do the following: Properly name your file and define alt text. Google relies on the image descriptions and alt text to understand them, so make sure your images are well defined.
  5. Use videos: A powerful SEO strategy lays the foundation of dynamic marketing. It considers every little detail and one such overlooked detail is the usage of videos. Videos have the power to naturally draw in users. This is the reason more marketers/brands are now opting for video marketing. Videos can help your users stay longer on your site and as mentioned earlier, better dwell time means better site performance.

Things you shouldn’t do when devising an SEO strategy
Now let’s move on to the things that you shouldn’t be doping when devising an SEO strategy. Keep reading on and by the end of this article, you will find the best SEO agency in Riyadh and in KSA that can help your business soar to new heights.
But first, let’s uncover the don’ts.

  1. Keyword stuffing can backfire: Keywords are the basis of any SEO strategy. However, they can backfire ruthlessly when not done right. Common SEO practice is keyword stuffing, which is adding too many keywords to your content. This technique isn’t only outdated but also erroneous. Instead of stuffing your content with keywords, focus on your target keywords and build all the other keywords around them. This approach will give you much better results.
  2. Don’t keep zombie pages: What are zombie pages? Simply put, they are pages that don’t get you traffic. Any page that exists on your site and doesn’t bring in traffic is a zombie page. To have a better ranking, you must conduct a thorough audit of your site and get rid of all zombie pages.
  3. Don’t compromise on the site’s load time: Perhaps nothing is as annoying as a website that takes ages to load. A website as such will only result in a higher bounce rate, which in turn will negatively impact your ranking. Ensure that your website doesn’t have a long load time and get rid of anything that makes your site lag.
  4. Don’t make an SEO strategy based on someone else’s research: Benchmarking is one thing but to base your SEO strategy on looking at the results of a competitor is a mistake you don’t want to make. It’s a healthy practice to know what your competitors are doing but it is flawed to believe that the same strategy will work out in your favor as well. Therefore, conduct your market research to uncover the best possible means to create a robust SEO strategy.

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