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Travel Industry in the MENA region is getting an upgrade thanks to technology

Travel Industry in the MENA region is getting an upgrade thanks to technology

Travel Industry in the MENA region is getting an upgrade thanks to technology

Travel Industry in the MENA region is getting an upgrade thanks to technologyTechnology has redefined and simplified many aspects of our modern lives. It has empowered us to do things that were considered impossible in the past.  One such industry is the travel industry.

Digital marketing for the travel industry has benefitted immensely from the dawn of technology. Not only has traveling been simplified, but it has also become a lot more convenient and time-saving. This convenience and accessibility are gifts brought to us by smartphones and other electronic devices. Electronic devices have enabled us to make reservations, explore different places, review ratings, and book flights without much hassle. This is a breakthrough for everyone involved in the process. While smartphones and other devices help consumers to plan their trips conveniently, they also empower businesses within the travel sector to offer lucrative and irresistible offers to their consumers.

Are you part of the travel businesses that have harnessed the power of technology yet? If not, then this article was written just for you. This article highlights the impact technology has had on the travel industry, especially within the MENA region. Additionally, this article nudges you in the right direction to get on board with complete digital marketing for the travel industry.

The impact of technology on the travel industry in the MENA region
The MENA region is a region that includes both Middle Eastern and North African countries. This region has one of the highest internet penetration percentages in the world. Furthermore, it is believed that the MENA region would soon have the highest internet traffic in the years to come. All this has been made possible because the entire MENA region is now focusing on building its cities around technology. Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Turkey are already known for their trailblazing digital laws and initiatives within the Arab world. However, the hold of digital marketing is now expanding. Countries like Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar are also joining in on the digital transformation journey. What’s even more amazing is that African countries are also joining in on this digital revolution. Recently, Egypt has been named as the digital capital of the Arab world for the year 2022. This title was held by Oman in 2021 and by Riyadh in the year 2020.

Over 70% of the Arab youth is believed to have smartphones and it is believed that Saudi Arabia has the highest level of smartphone penetration within the GCC regions. These numbers paint a flourishing picture. They not only show potential but also highlight how dynamically technology has taken over the MENA region. This affinity towards digital transformation and this inclination of the masses towards digitalization is the reason the travel industry is getting revamped. New solutions are being developed, so travelers coming and going to and from the MENA region are better facilitated. The travel industry in the MENA region has seen a boom in apps and their usage.

The data published recently suggests that the cash invested in IT systems at airports is going to be offset by the savings in fuel cost over the subsequent 15 years with the utilization of the web of things. As a result of technological innovation, companies are now investing huge amounts of cash to enhance the customer journey and knowledge. The data succinctly pointed out that the MENA region has the highest online penetration rate within the world, while another study highlighted that the Middle East and North Africa region is all set to witness rapid growth within the online travel market. The report reveals that the region is especially receiving growth within the online travel sector, with an expected increase of 14% year on year, which can make the MENA region the second-fastest-growing online travel market within the world. The study discovers that by the year 2022, 44% of all activities will be conducted, a tremendous boost from 33% in 2018.

These numbers aren’t just statistics; they are a turning point for all businesses involved within the travel industry. These numbers are just what the travel industry needs to further simplify its processes. They also serve as an important landmark in designing digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing for the travel industry within the MENA region has also seen a dramatic shift. More and more businesses are now on the lookout for a reliable digital marketing company that fulfills all their needs without breaking the bank. However, this expansion of digital marketing for the travel industry has given birth to many low-scale and poor-quality digital marketing agencies opening up in cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. Many of these digital marketing companies are nothing more than noise within the crowd that do more harm than good. So who can you trust for your digital marketing needs?

The best digital marketing company in Saudi Arabia
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