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Top Web Development Trends for Business Growth by Bytes Future

Top Web Development Trends for Business Growth by Bytes Future

Top Web Development Trends for Business Growth by Bytes Future

Top Web Development Trends for Business Growth by Bytes FutureEvery business needs some kind of online presence to create credibility for their business and describe their business activities.

As stated in Internet Live Stats, there are almost 1.5 billion sites and about 200 million active websites and the numbers will continue to grow in coming years.

Over many years, new trends and technologies have developed in the marketplace. To remain ahead of the competition, businesses now require to concentrate on new rising web development trends, approaches and techniques. Similarly, web developers will have to keep in mind about ongoing latest trends when developing an enterprise-grade or some professional websites. Here are the top web development trends for business growth acknowledged from dedicated and experienced web developer’s team of Bytes Future in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Bahrain, Manama & UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Rise of Push Notifications – Engage Visitors
Push notifications began as a simple way to call to action from a web viewer. However, now push notifications is a very famous trend that lots of websites follow. Have you seen a pop-up on some web pages that ask you for sending notifications? That is an instance of a push notification. These push notifications can be integrated through plug-ins or by some push notification platform which can be integrated by experienced Bytes Future team.

Responsive Animation Idle Load (RAIL)
RAIL was originally from the year 2015 but has prospered again in 2019. The concept includes faster load times and great website performance. Here is an overview of it:
Response: There is a fast response with each input. The feedback is delivered in less than 100 milliseconds.
Animation: Visual animation contains scrolling and dragging. The goal is to finish each frame within 16 milliseconds.
Idle: This involves work done in the background, particularly work not required during the initial load. The work is gathered in blocks in less than 100 milliseconds.
Load: Ideal Website Load Time 1 to 5 seconds. However, each second beyond 5 seconds results in greater bounce rates. In fact, 40% of polled internet users report abandoning a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The performance priorities can change relying on the project type. But the RAIL model is supportive in most situations and rigorously followed by Bytes Future team.

Single Page Applications Gaining Momentum
Single-page applications are constructed on JavaScript that works best among different user devices. Except for high performance, it also reduces interruptions by page reloading. Single-page applications are a brilliant choice for making responsive websites that support mobile, desktop and tablet applications. 2019 was a year when single-page applications become popular with React and Angular frameworks as these 2 platforms are suitable for hybrid apps.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence imitates human intelligence and improves a solution’s cognitive roles such as learning, data collection or analysis, and multi-tasking automation.
We can expect this technology, such as chatbots, to be more dominant in 2020. Chatbots address user support requirements efficiently and you can depend on bots for 24/7 help. They are an effective way to support the relationship with your customer base by organizing order history and customer service questions.
Chatbots also involve new leads and can establish a business reputation by placing customers first.
Some of the key benefits are:
• Providing greater customer satisfaction
• Raising your customer base
• Decreasing human errors
• Save time and money
• Concentrate on user experience
About 48 percent of customers prefer to ask queries related to products and services to customer service agents. Chatbots are ideal for this reason, almost 95 percent of people feel that chatbots are main derivative in optimized customer service and support and raising customer satisfaction levels.

Progressive Web Apps
Following the ways of 2019, Progressive web apps (PWAs) will also remain in the limelight during 2020 and beyond. Almost all browsers support PWAs modern web characteristics. This shows that businesses can begin to provide a smoother, app-like experience via mobile web. PWAs will also stay the best choice for mobile app development and Bytes Future team is well equipped to provide best web app experiences to our customers.

Motion UI for Interactive Web Design
Motion UI is a web development trend for its high usability, animation, and dynamic graphics. Motion UI supports developers in the art of storytelling by utilizing a broad range of tools and techniques. As it is a sustainable library, MotionUI offers seamless transition impacts on the user interface. Bytes Future developers can employ MotionUI methods without having solid expertise in JS/jQuery library. And because of this, it is popular and will stay to trend for this and coming years.

Long Reads for Well Readability
Long reads help in displaying animations, pictures, text, and icons for telling a full story in simple words. The user will scroll to the page and cling on to the major info points through it. This is perfect for large chunks of content as it helps in well readability and comprehending the content for the user.

Modules for Making Web Pages
The concept of making web pages is no longer bounded to the developer community. Thanks to the content management systems, web pages can be created now via modules. You can choose a module of your choice and place it into a mix of your website. 2020 will see Gutenberg getting a popular module, particularly for WordPress users. However the custom designed websites will be always in trend and the leading languages will be core php and

Cyber Security
Cyber threats, data theft, and website hacking are awful menaces lurking in the dark shadow of technological advancement development. This year 2020 is no exception. Cybersecurity Ventures Report tells that cybercrime will cost the world about $6 trillion per year by 2021, which is 2 times than the cost in 2015. Cybersecurity is a computer guard system against theft, service disruption. Cybercriminals and intruders will still keep looking for victims and vulnerabilities. Keeping this in mind, companies should make their security system strong while protecting their confidential info, databases, and servers and Bytes Future is always standby with the customers to provide the best cyber security solutions.

Tracking User Behavior
With the constant focus on data collection and analysis, the concept of tracking user behavior is also important and it grabs the attention of the tech community. There is a complete science related to how users act, and make the decision on sites. How consumers are engaged before purchase something has a lot to do with their thought procedure and what is offered to them at that time. For instance, users may be offered a discount on the product only if they subscribe to the newsletter. CRO tools have extremely helped businesses from guesswork and letting actual statistics on what works for growing customer flow and overall sales on the site. By tracking user behavior on the website, you have the best chance of knowing about how consumers are engaged on your site and the potential ways of what brought them here. For instance, a call to action button, or by reading some blog, taking a quiz, etc. are some of the means, a user can occur to land on your website. Presently, Bytes Future provide tools and technologies for consumer behavior tracking.