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The Rise of Visual Search: How Brands Can Adapt

The Rise of Visual Search: How Brands Can Adapt

The Rise of Visual Search: How Brands Can Adapt

The Rise of Visual Search: How Brands Can AdaptWhile companies work to bring in more search engine optimized, or SEO based, content to their websites, the world of virtual search technology is ever changing. Visual search technology is the ability for a user to search for a product or an item by using pictures for visual clues instead of keywords to get the job done. With this sort of technology being added to new visual search companies like Google, Bing and Pinterest, visual searches are taking the Internet by storm.

Over the past few years, visual image search and voice search have been increasing alongside one another, showing the predominance of this method while text keyword based searching is slowly falling out of trend. The ability to search using a photo, part of an image, camera or augmented reality services makes this possible, and it is the appeal of swift, easy searching that is making it more popular.

With visual search engine technology on various popular websites and apps, there are some that are more prominent than others. For instance, Pinterest has been a front runner in this technology since the year 2014, making them two years faster than even Bing at incorporating it. They made it possible for you to search specific parts of an image instead of an entire image, making searches more specific and convenient. This can either be done by choosing a part of a pinned picture already on the site or by uploading one by itself to search for other pins using that image. Pinterest also features “shop the look” pins that help scrollers buy pieces of clothing found in different pictures.

Bing has also developed visual search tools for pictures taken by the camera on your phone. While it is not considered to be revolutionary, it is still useful and more commonly used on Bing than their text based traditional search feature. Bing, much like Pinterest, also allows its users to hone in on a particular element of a photo and search it out, although it doesn’t seem to be as specific and reliable as the Pinterest version.

Google has been continuously updating its visual search engine functionality, even going so far as to use their very own camera based search feature known as Google Lens. Google Lens is now native to most phones and does not require an additional app, going one step further to add to its convenience. By emphasizing its shopping capabilities through Style Match featuring Pinterest, it also helps to drive sales.

The future of searching is clearly in the visual search engine, giving users more opportunities than ever before to search out very specific items they might not even know the name of, making it easier for people to shop and contribute than ever. By getting your own visual image search tools going on any eCommerce site, noticing an uptick in traffic and sales is almost guaranteed, leaving you no reason not to check out how to get started as soon as possible with Bytes Future.

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