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Automotive Industry and How Digital Marketing is helping it in Saudi Arabia

Automotive Industry and How Digital Marketing is helping it in Saudi Arabia

Automotive Industry and How Digital Marketing is helping it in Saudi Arabia

Automotive Industry and How Digital Marketing is helping it in Saudi ArabiaHardly any other industry has experienced more turbulence than the automotive industry. Even before the global pandemic disrupted the supply chain and retail, the Digital Marketing industry had undergone radical changes, as consumers demanded digital experiences equal to or better than in-person purchases.
To meet this challenge, automotive companies and dealerships must improve their digital marketing strategies and social media presence for relevant creative and content. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) to existing data, companies can achieve significant benefits from the new era technologies and digital advertising.

Saudi Arabia also offers access to over 400 million consumers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The Middle East and North Africa has a total annual car sales of about 2.3 million vehicles, most of which are imported from outside the region under the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (known as GAFTA), which allows tax-free access to 18 countries in the Middle East and North Africa when the local value-added reaches more than 40%. However, the Saudi government is interested in providing services to a larger area, using its location between Europe, Africa, and Asia, and the opportunity to reach 2 billion consumers within a three-hour flight.

Digital Marketing in the Automotive Industry:
The Digital Marketing industry has given up its reluctance to new technologies and has become a pioneer in innovation. People can now search online to find information about vehicles, dealers, parts suppliers, and service centers. In addition, industry experts are also studying what online shoppers are looking for.

Maximum 80% of the vehicle purchase cycle begins when buyers consult the major search engines. Therefore, Digital Marketing & Search Engine visibility for Automotive Industry is the only way for global automakers and distributors, especially in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the Middle East where the Internet penetration rate exceeds 90% and audience is spending 3-4 hours on internet daily in KSA. Car buyers research specifications, read articles, make comments, study dealer inventory, etc. before entering the showroom. Gradually, transactions are also carried out through online, news, and even online auction sites, which makes the sales process more and more difficult for traders.

Rely on Imports & Local Plants:
Like the entire Middle East, Saudi Arabia is mainly an import-based automobile market. In 2018, the total vehicle sales were approximately 422,000, including 340,000 cars and 82,000 commercial vehicles. Local car assembly in Arab is mainly limited to heavy vehicles (from fully or partially dismantled kits).

The world’s four leading OEMs including Mercedes, Isuzu Motors, Man & Volvo having a total heavy vehicles production capacity of approximately 12,000 units which estimated to be 39,000 units by 2022.

Identify New Customers before the Sales Process:
Some online behaviors indicate that you are likely to buy your product early in the sales process, perhaps even before consumers start looking for their next car. With the latest development of third-party cookie and mobile advertising recognition, SEO Search Engine Optimization, artificial intelligence can use source data and tens of thousands of near-real-time data signals to help brands find new potential customers earlier, thereby identifying consumers with similar behaviors and finding attributes.

This method can expand your potential customer base in Saudi Arabia and GCC and give you an advantage in the market. You can set priority goals by identifying overlaps in demographic data. Because these solutions are based on behavior rather than personal data, they do not require cookies and are more likely to comply with increasing data protection regulations.

Online Presence and Visibility:
Online platforms allow users to visualize the appearance and interior of the vehicle in 3D, choose different paint colors, listen to the sound of the engine, and place the car on a realistic background and let see how it looks at home or in front of the office. One of the areas of digital marketing that continues to generate discussion is the transparency of influencers and their advertised products via social media channels including, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

Influential people – Social Media Influencers are very important for influential marketing efforts in Automotive Industry when celebrities and stars endorse products and brands, their audience will be influenced and more likely to make purchasing decision based on their suggestions.

Social media channels for the brand including localized content also helps potential buyers to understand the product and the benefits including price points and value from the each automotive player in Saudi Market or GCC region.

A study was conducted and found that there are 70 million customer service requests every month. If you have an automotive aftermarket business and are not involved with a Digital Marketing Company like Bytes Future potential buyers you missed so far is a huge number and you don’t want to miss out any further potential opportunities to improve sales and digital outlook.

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