7 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics to Make Your Event Successful in Saudi ArabiaSEO, SEM, and SMM can be highly effective in pushing potential customers towards your websites and social media channels. However, an Event or Exhibition is an opportunity that facilitates face-to-face interaction and in-person engagement. With an event, you can take a lot of advantages by introducing your products, services, and offers to the live audience.

Additionally, you can build your reputation, create brand awareness, and increase community interaction.The success of an event is the success of your business but organizing an event may be quite exhausting. Luckily, a digital marketing agency like Bytes Future can help you organize and advertise your event successfully.

Let’s talk about 7 proven digital marketing and advertising tactics which make your event a great success:

1: Infuse Fresh Content in Your Campaign
With an effective content marketing strategy, you can boost your event’s reach effectively. There are multiple things you can do to infuse engaging content in your event marketing campaign. For example:

  • Articles and Blogs: Write articles and blogs covering the content of your particular events.
  • Customers Feedback: Find some customers who can share their personal experiences about your products and services.
  • Unbiased Reviewers: Approach an independent reviewer who can speak out his own experience about the recent events
  • Interesting Stories: Tell your prospective participants interesting stories to keep them engaged.
  • Sponsors’ Interviews: Release interviews of event’s sponsors who can tell the audience why to attend the event

A well-planned content marketing strategy by Bytes Future will also help you with the search engine optimization of your business on an organic search ground.

2: Run PPC Ads for Your Event Promotion
If you have an additional budget for your event promotion, you can consider PPC Ads to attract a bigger audience. Setting up PPC ads is simple but you have to master it for great results. You can also hire a digital marketing agency to create and run the right type of ads for your event. Here are some ready-to-use tips by Bytes Future team:

  • Keywords: Choose the most relevant keywords to target your audience on Google search results. Be very careful while choosing the keywords.
  • Best Bids: Targeting the potential keywords is all about winning the bids. You can also avail digital marketing services from BytesFuture to win the bids successfully and to achieve desired results from the digital marketing campaign.
  • Landing Page: With PPC Ads you want to bring the potential audience to your website or event’s page. Don’t forget to include the target link, landing page in your ads.
  • Bring Consistency: Use the same keywords for social networks and ensure consistency throughout different channels.

3: Approach Your Followers Personally
Those who are already following you on social networks should be considered the most potential attendees in your event. Use every tactic to approach them personally for better engagement. Some of the tactics are as follow:

  • Personal Messages: Send your followers personal messages instead of depending upon public posts on your profile.
  • Reply and Engage: Reply to their comments on your event-related posts and ask them to share the news within their circle.
  • Keep Them Updated: Update your followers with each and every new activity taking place related to the event.
  • Invitation Cards: Send them beautifully designed traditional invitation cards as these will add a touch of excitement and gain a better response.

People are so busy these days and most probably they will forget if you don’t remind them about your upcoming event.

4: Engage with Audience on Social Media
If you want to create a buzz about the event, use social media’s power. No matter how small or large your event is, you must have a proper plan to enhance your event’s reach. Social media marketing tactics will allow you to boost your reach rapidly.

If you have no plan but money to spend, all your efforts may go in vain. In social media, you have to engage with potential participants in three stages and Bytes Future can help to create effective social media marketing strategy:

  • Before the event
  • During the event
  • After the event

Your entire plan should be targeting the audience in these three stages. You can avail professional digital marketing services from Bytes Future to engage with the targeted audiences in three stages of a digital marketing campaign.

5: Actions to Take Before the Event
You have to plan in advance to enhance the event’s reach and therefore, most of the actions are taken before the event date. Some of these actions are as follow:

  • Create an Event on Facebook: Provide necessary information such as the name of the event, date, and time and the location of the venue.Add a simple description and upload a cover photo that shows what kind of event is going to take place.
  • Display a Countdown on Instagram: You can display a countdown timer on your Instagram. Name the event; choose the color, set the final time and date of the event. Interested users will subscribe to your timer and will get notified when the event’s final hours arrive.
  • Use a Unique Set of Hashtags: A unique set of hashtags will filter out all the posts related to the specific event across the channel. This will help readers find all the relevant material available on the network. While creating tags, make sure they are easy to understand.
  • Run Paid Promotion Campaigns: If your social media pages and groups have limited reach, you can enjoy paid promotion campaigns to increase your reach. The best thing about paid promotion on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat is that you can reach a huge audience even if you have a limited fan following.

6: Actions to Take During the Event
You can create a team of photographers, videographers, writers, and designers or hire a digital marketing company for this purpose. The team will take the responsibility to post quick updates on all your social networks during the event.

  • Share Stories in Real-Time: Share everything in real-time such as photos, short videos, news, quotes, interviews, and other interesting stories.
  • Go Live with Your Audience: You should use live-streaming features of Facebook, YouTube,Geo Filters from Snap chat and other channels to engage with your followers.
  • Record Speeches of Key Speakers: If possible, record all the speakers or at least record key speakers to post their speeches later on your social networks.
  • Take Interviews of Attendees: Event attendees would have a lot of exciting stuff to share with those who could not attend the events.
  • Take Contact Details: Ask the attendees to create a short form that could provide you their contact details.

7: Actions to Take After the Event
Give a bundle of thanks to the keynote speakers, sponsors, and most importantly attendees who make your event or exhibition successful. After the event, you have a lot of new stuff to share with your followers and general audience.

  • Create Posts: Reproduce old posts related to the events and write new posts covering major activities of the event.
  • Share Posts: Share frequent posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • Feedback: Ask users to give their feedback and share their experiences
  • Newsletter: Design email newsletters covering all the major activities of the event.
  • Infographics: Use infographics to share important facts and figures from the event.
  • Video: Avail of the services from a digital marketing company to make an interesting video of the event. Digital videos are greatly helpful in keeping attendees memory fresh.

There are a lot of things to do before, during and after the event to make your event a real success. So if you are feeling intimidated, consider outsourcing digital marketing aspects of your event. Let BytesFuture’s digital marketing experts deal with the challenges on your behalf.

Contact BytesFuture digital marketing consultants today to have customized winning strategy for your upcoming event or exhibition!